Breaking News,

A breaking news app that gives users full control of the news they are interested in, from thousands of trusted sources. Providing a customisable yet anonymous experience, free distribution for
content providers and is not ad supported.

Users Control

Users can pick whichever topics interest them, by selecting from our popular search terms or by adding their own niche topics. They can also block unwanted sources, removing them from news results, and save individual articles for offline reading.


Anonymous and Secure

We believe that users data belongs to the user, not us! And with no registration either with ourselves or anyone else (Facebook or Google), news can be consumed anonymously. No sign-in means no exploitation of data.


To Notify or Not To Notify

If desired, we’ll notify the user instantly when news on any chosen topics’ breaks. Otherwise, news will collect for the next time the app is opened. The ability to switch notifications on or off for any topic resides with the user.


No Ads

NewzMine is not supported by advertising. While perusing articles for reading, users will not be bombarded with unwanted advertising interruptions. When viewing the articles at source, they will have their ad machines active, but users will be perusing the content incognito within our technology – so personal data can’t and won’t be collected.

How it works

NewzMine is a breaking news app that pulls news from thousands of trusted sources, together into one place. Whilst there are lots of news aggregators out there already, NewzMine is fundamentally different. We put
users fully in control of the news they want to see and data privacy is fundamental to our mission to stop personal data exploitation.

Download NewzMine

We have native apps for both android and iOS. They are completely free to download and use.