How it works

If you want to read news from multiples sources in one place on your mobile device, be in control of what news you see and how you see it, all while protecting your privacy – then NewzMine is for you. It’s free to download and not supported by annoying adverts.

We believe that your data belongs to you, so you won't have to register with us to use the app. Instead, we use only your device id to keep your preferences stored within the app and to send you notifications, making it completely anonymous . No sign-in means no exploitation of your data. Who you are is your business – not ours!

It's your news, and you decide what stories you'd like to consume. We'll provide the latest from multiple trusted sources, and you pick whichever topics interest you by selecting from a range of popular search terms, or by adding your own – no matter how niche they may be.

If there are particular publishers you don't want to hear from, you have the power to block them, removing them from your future news results.

No signal? No problem. NewzMine lets you save individual articles for offline reading. Perfect if you are traveling without internet access.

We’ll notify you instantly when news on any of your chosen topics’ breaks. Otherwise, your news will collect for the next time you open the app to catch up on events.

The ability to switch notifications on or off for any topic resides with you.

NewzMine is not supported by advertising. While perusing the articles you wish to read, you will not be bombarded with unwanted advertising interruptions.

When viewing the articles at source, they will have their ad machines active, but you’ll be perusing the content incognito within our technology – so your data can’t and won’t be collected.

Download NewzMine

We have native apps for both android and iOS. They are completely free to download and use.